Here at DogeWear

Our aim at DogeWear is to bring all the best cryptos & influencers merch together into one place.
 Where 'you' the people can come to enjoy their merch, knowing that they receive the benefits back from their work.
Each order is created and checked by hand especially for you by us once ordered.
  1.  This saves the creators and influencers spending crucial money they need for their project.
  2.  Also saves having to bulk order to get at a decent price then have it sitting around taking up valuable storage room.
  3.  Takes the pressure off trying to sort orders so the can concentrate their time on the project and you.
Too many people out there copy and sell these creators & influencers designs and ideas on ebay, amazon, etsy etc.
and because we support, love and want these product, we buy them.
But all you are doing is lining the pockets of the people that do not care about or give back to the community.
its just all about the money to them.

When you buy from DogeWear you are safe in the knowledge that we have actually teamed up with all the designers and influencers of who's merch you are buying, and they receive part of the proceeds of all their sales.

Together with your help and support we can build a safe all in one place merchandise community
that benefits the real creators and influencers.

DogeWear founder and creator.